About us

DigiKmet was established in Belgrade, Serbia in 2018.

DigiKmet's goal is to make growing crops from miles away possible. As a part of the same process we discovered how to reduce human labor, save resources and how to provide optimal conditions for growth by focusing on technology.


Year 2018

  1. Assembly of first DK Box and functional testing– February 2018
  2. Assembly of two additional systems and testing in the field – April 2018
  3. Setting up a website www.DigiKmet.com – May 2018
  4. Assembly of ten commercial V.1.0 DK Boxes – June 2018
  5. First official local promotion – August 2018
  6. Start of sales and local marketing campaign - September 2018

Year 2019

  1. Recruiting Marketing Specialist (advisor) – January 2019
  2. First official global promotion – February 2019
  3. Participation in local Agricultural Fair – May 2019
  4. Participation in global AgriTech Fair – Jun 2019
  5. Release of V.02 version DK Box – September 2019

Year 2020

  1. Applying VAD (value added distributer) channels - January 2020
  2. Recruiting field technicians – February 2020
  3. First on-line food producers DigiKmet congress – March 2020
  4. Participation in local Agricultural Fair – May 2020
  5. Participation in global AgriTech Fair – Jun 2020
  6. Release of V.03 version DK Box – September 2020

DK Box

DK BOX is a customizable soft/hardware solution that helps control the microclimatic in closed or open environments.

The basic solution can fully control the climate in one greenhouse or in a field with four different plant cultures, but it can also be easily upgraded to control two, three or more greenhouses with different plant cultures.

The DK BOX takes full control of watering, temperature and additives control.



R&D and Business Development


Operations and Business Development


R&D Software


R&D Electronics


R&D Software

Cedomir Nikolic

Agriculture Production Advisor

Vladimir Seleda

Attorney at Law - Legal Advisor



"At the recently completed contest organized by NLB Bank, Nikola Sijan was given a special award for contribution to digitization of organic agriculture for his project called DigiKmet…" read more



"U toku je montaža prohromskom plastenika na parceli u neposrednoj blizini Baštališta u kojem ćemo proizvoditi rano povrće. Plastenik će biti opremljen „DigiKmet“ sistemom. Radi se o specijalnom uređaju koji obuhvata sistem za daljinsko navodnjavanje i sistem za prikupljanje podataka o vlažnosti, pritisku i temperaturi vazduha, što omogućava precizne prognoze kada će pasti kiša na posmatranom prostoru..." read more


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